REX: Remote Execution Framework for PHP
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Introduction to REX

REX is a proof-of-concept Remote Execution framework for PHP.

In simple terms the REX framework downloads PHP source code (referred to as REX code owing to the specific markups and commands available) from a location (either from a local filebase or remotely via HTTP/S) and executes it.

This is similar to running any PHP script the difference being the source code is loaded as text from elsewhere and then executed by the client.

User          REX Client           Code Store

Request ----> REX Starts
              Code Request ------> HTTP (or other)
              Code Received <----- HTTP (or other)
Output <----- Code Executes

For example the user, via the CLI or Web interface might request the REX client to run code located at http://codeserver/rex/

The REX client will start and then request the code located at http://codeserver/rex, download the source code into memory and then execute it like any other PHP code. Output generated is then passed back to the user.

About the Documentation

Please note these docs were hammered out quickly and dirtily - they will no doubt contain endless spelling, grammer and sense errors.

Please forgive me.

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