REX: Remote Execution Framework for PHP
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Web Interface

The REX executor (rex.php) offers the ability to make requests to a REX client via HTTP.

An example script calling REX with the relevant variables is provided in the download package as index.php.

REX options (as detailed in the framework options section of the documentation are set through HTTP variables (using either GET or POST).

If a specific option or variable is not found then it is ignored.

HTTP Option Variables

Filenames to Execute

Pass the variable rex_filename either as a single variable or as an array i.e. rex_filename[0]=file1.rex rex_filename[1]=file2.rex

Stack and Environment Variables

To set stack variables pass an array of rex_set[] for the variable names with the values in rex_val[] corresponding for each entry. For example rex_set[0]=hello and rex_val[0]=world will set the variable hello to equal world.

Environment variables use exactly the same system but with the names rex_env_set[] and rex_env_val[].

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